Dutch edition of “Freedom, Inc.” came out

January 15, 2015
Dutch edition cover page

A Belgian publisher Die Keure took upon itself to put out a Dutch edition of “Freedom, Inc.” for the dutch-speakers of both Belgium and Holland. It will bring peace to Belgium since the country’s french-speakers enjoy both the hardcover and [...]

DCF Book Award for the 2013 best book in corporate strategy

November 16, 2013
DCF Prix du Livre

November 14, 2013 during the ceremony taking place in the French National Assembly, “Freedom, Inc.”‘s French edition “Liberté & Cie” won the best 2013 book award Prix du Livre DCF in the Corporate Strategy category. Most of the 10 runner-ups were French-only [...]

“Freedom, Inc.” is bestselling with its publisher in Czech Republic

March 6, 2012

As we wrote before, our book’s publisher in Czech Republic, PeopleComm edited in 2011 three books on the subject of freedom at work: Ricardo Semler’s Maverick, Tony Hsieh’s Delivering Happiness, and our Freedom, Inc. According to the publisher’s recent report [...]

Liberté & Cie — the French edition of Freedom, Inc. is launched

February 26, 2012
Liberte & Cie

Freedom, Inc has finally reached the French It had to happen in September but the market for non-fiction has been depressed then. So, here comes the French edition in the very unusual for non-fiction February window. And yet, since its [...]

Freedom-at-work’s takeoff in Prague

November 18, 2011
Vzlet audience

Freedom mindset in Zappos, Mindvalley, etc. We’re back from the last week’s event organized by Freedom, Inc’s Czech editor Peoplecomm. It was a whole day happening full of presentations (one of which was ours), theatrical and musical performances, and videos [...]

Freedom, Inc. in Sweden

October 30, 2011
Swedish edition big

Swedish edition The Swedish editor Bookhouse is at the vanguard of books on new ways of organizing and working. Our Freedom, Inc. appears there along the books by Jim Collins, Gary Hamel, Dan Pink, and Jonas Ridderstråle & Kjell Nordström. We’ve [...]

Freedom, Inc. in Czech and Hungarian

August 7, 2011

Central European editions The Czech editor Peoplecomm made his specialty the books on freedom-based organizations. Our Freedom, Inc. appears there along Ricardo Semler’s Maverick! and Tony Hsieh’ Delivering Happiness. Here what its editor  Tomáš Hajzler writes: Coming from the Czech [...]

A review by Chronicle Herald

July 9, 2011

Firms need to give workers room to excel By Kaye Parker 9 JULY 2011 “If you put fences around people, you get sheep. Give people the room they need.” That credo worked for William L. McKnight, the legendary leader of [...]

Indigo.ca reviews

May 25, 2011

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Edge magazine believes Freedom Inc is a smart way to work

January 16, 2011

Get smart by Robert Munro JANUARY, 2011 In today’s challenging marketplace, companies must compete effectively while battling with diminished resources and recruitment freezes. Motivating the existing workforce has become a priority, and many organisations are turning to a revolutionary concept, [...]