US Navy captain David Marquet liberates his submarine and moves it from the US worst to first

December 14, 2013
US submarine

We have already wrote on this blog that military doesn’t have to mean command-and-control and that it started in the 19th century. Yet examples of military organizations with freedom- and responsibility-based environments are still rare. Marines and Special Forces are the closest to […]

Laurent Marbacher on 3 cases of organizational innovation

December 1, 2012
Vineet Nayar-The date

Laurent is a friend and we share our views on corporate liberation. He recently attended an event in Lille, France where several cases have been highlighted. Read here his report.

A new and an old manager-free companies

September 16, 2012

Who’s the Boss? There Isn’t One By Rachel Emma Silverman June 19, 2012 BLOG’S INTRO: A recent article on a freedom-based company we know—Gore—and a more recent company—Valve. It’s always interesting to learn about new Freedom Incs. and we hope […]

Interview with Sea Smoke Cellars GM

October 4, 2010

Interview with Victor Gallegos A Long Pour August 26, 2010 Here is how Victor Gallegos, GM of Sea Smoke Cellars, a Freedom Inc prominently featured in our book, answers the first question he’s asked: ALP: “So is there a philosophy […]