Isaac Getz

Isaac GetzIsaac Getz is an author, conference speaker, senior advisor and currently holds the post of Professor at ESCP Business School. 

He specializes in the areas of leadership and organizational transformation and has been instrumental in the modern corporate liberation movement involving hundreds of companies and institutions in Europe and Canada.

Work with Isaac


Getz is the co-author of the award-winning international best-seller Freedom, Inc. (2009) with Brian Carney, which has been translated into fifteen languages. He is also author of the award-winning Liberated Company (2017), co-author of Leadership without Ego (2019) with Bob Davids and Brian Carney and  co-author of The Altruistic Enterprise (2019) with Laurent Marbacher.

He is a columnist in Harvard Business Review France and Le Monde and won the best Op-Ed 2017 award.


Dr. Getz is a sought after public speaker on the topics of innovation, employee engagement, corporate transformation, and leadership. He has given executive conferences, keynote speeches and training seminars for hundreds of companies, organizations, and summits including multiple TEDx events, Peter Drucker Global Forum in Vienna and Stanford Executive Briefings.


Getz has been a senior advisor for several major corporations including Allergan AbbVie, Decathlon, and Michelin.


Getz’s work has been instrumental in the rise of the corporate liberation movement in Europe and Canada. Since 2012, hundreds of companies and institutions have transformed their command-and-control organizations into freedom-and responsibility-based ones. Major adoptees include Michelin, Airbus, Decathlon, EDF, the French Social Security, and several Belgian ministries and French municipalities.


He is a Professor at the top-ranked ESCP Business School (Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Torino, Warsaw). He was formerly a Visiting Professor at Cornell and Stanford.


Getz’s work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Financial Times, Strategy+Business, Le Monde, CNBC, Fox and other leading media around the world.

A study by the French National Foundation for Management Education (FNEGE) on the world’s most influential living management authors ranked Getz at N°4. LinkedIn ranked Isaac in their Top 25 Influencers in France for 2019.

Thinkers50 shortlisted Isaac’s work on corporate liberation and on the altruistic corporation for its 2019 Breakthrough Idea Award.

Marconi Institute for Creativity, part of the Fondazione Guglielmo Marconi gave Isaac Getz the 2020 Marconi Creativity Award.