Ricardo Semler on the door which open opens only for you

September 9, 2013

Ricardo Semler is one of the best thinkers among the leaders who built a freedom-based organization. In this 6′ video he takes Kafka’s parables to deliver a powerful message to every leader and every man and woman.

Someonewhogivesadamn.com on NOT working for Google

July 30, 2012
Someone who gives a damn

Why Recent Graduates Should NOT Work For Google Google is supposed to be the perfect place to start a career. Many recent surveys have pictured the search giant as the world’s most attractive employer, with famous perks as the twenty percent […]

A School which liberated its teachers and–surprise–greatly outperformed its competition

December 20, 2011

Brooklyn’s The New American Academy December 20, 2011 On December 6, 2011, we have visited a school in a desolate Brooklyn neighborhood, The New American Academy. We do believe that there would be more Freedom Incs. if only our schools […]