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Why Recent Graduates Should NOT Work For Google

Google is supposed to be the perfect place to start a career. Many recent surveys have pictured the search giant as the world’s most attractive employer, with famous perks as the twenty percent free-time being highlighted by many as HR best practices. I visited Google’s offices in Paris, where an employee told me “Google spoils us,” and in Tel Aviv, where besides free food at all times, employees also have access to a 3D printer, a fully equipped music room, giant legos, a pinball machine, NintendoWii, and more, much more.

At Google offices employees have free food at all times and many other treats. However, there are young people turning down job offers from the search giant. More Google Office Pictures here

However, there are some young people turning down offers to work in the company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Some suggest the two main reasons to refuse working for Google is not being insane but to start their own company or to work for a smaller company. This is the case of Clément Delangue, a recent graduate from ESCP Europe, the world’s first business school. Clément has turned down a job offer from Google at a time of economic turmoil where youth unemployment is extremely high.


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