US Navy captain David Marquet liberates his submarine and moves it from the US worst to first

December 14, 2013
US submarine

We have already wrote on this blog that military doesn’t have to mean command-and-control and that it started in the 19th century. Yet examples of military organizations with freedom- and responsibility-based environments are still rare. Marines and Special Forces are the closest to […]

A new and an old manager-free companies

September 16, 2012

Who’s the Boss? There Isn’t One By Rachel Emma Silverman June 19, 2012 BLOG’S INTRO: A recent article on a freedom-based company we know—Gore—and a more recent company—Valve. It’s always interesting to learn about new Freedom Incs. and we hope […]

Ridding of Rules — a small, useful step to freedom

August 8, 2012
Stupid rules matrix

Doing Away With Stupid Rules By LISA BODELL Wall Street Journal, Small Business, July 31, 2012 BLOG’S INTRO: The 1st step of your company’s liberation campaign is dismantling bureaucracy. And you do it to show respect for people intelligence. There […]

Courtesy not authority to guide people in London

July 15, 2012

Here is an interesting op-ed “A more inclusive fabric” by the New York Times editorialist Roger Cohen from March 11, 2012. It seems that courtesy and civility can guide people behavior not only in some companies (such as Freedom Incs.) but […]

The Self-Management Institute says freedom constitutes the lasting competitive advantage

June 21, 2011
Self-Management Institute

Self-Management and the Holy Grail by Paul Green We like this Paul Green’s article he published in Morning Star Self-Management Institute’s Synaptein newsletter (Winter 2011). Here are few excerpts: Competitive advantage is generally defined as the ability of a firm […]

Was Google a Freedom Inc?

May 25, 2011

What happened to Google’s management model We were always doubtful about Google’s claims to be a company based on freedom and responsibility of everyone. Because of this doubt we didn’t go to observe it (though we had solicitations). We were […]

Command-and-control doesn’t work in military—since the mid 19th century

January 30, 2011

The Art of Action or on the superiority of the “why” organizations over the “how” ones by Stephen Bungay Since the Industrial Revolution, it has been claimed that the command-and-control approach to running a business is an imitation of the […]

A Physicist Solves the Fleeting Life of Businesses

December 19, 2010

A Physicist Solves the City by Johan Lehrer DECEMBER 17, 2010 Earlier, we wrote that 99 percent of large US firms do not survive for 40 years without having been either bankrupt or acquired as shown by business scholars Stubbart and […]

Summer musings: How to really relax on holidays — and after

August 17, 2010

A book and a company who make businesses relaxed  and happy This is a very short 70-page book. But it tells a journey traveled by an unbelieving businessman from an outright stress to an ultimate relaxation–and even happiness. We enjoyed […]

No Vacation Policy—and they still work!

December 28, 2009

Should We Eliminate Our Vacation Policy? by Henry Blodget 24 DECEMBER  2009 At The Business Insider, we currently have a standard vacation policy–a certain number of weeks a year. That said, for the past 15 years, I’ve never had any […]