NBA: 1st ever experiement of a self-directing team, coach aside (Warriors/Kerr)

An outstanding experiment in self-diection done in the real NBA game and by the best NBA team of the last years.

Steve Kerr hands coaching duties to Warriors players in rout of Suns

by Chris Barnewall,  

The Warriors have been battling boredom during what many call the dog days of the NBA season. It can be exhausting and difficult for winning teams to give 100 percent for games in January and February before the All-Star break. So how does a team as good as Golden State fight off boredom?

The Warriors decided to let the players give coaching a try Monday. The result — a 129-83 victory over the Suns.

Here’s how it worked: During game breaks, it’s not Steve Kerr coaching the team and directing players, but the players themselves that are doing it. Andre Iguodala was one of the first to get the clipboard from Kerr and then Draymond Green got his shot.

You can read the full article here.

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