Isaac reacts on the WSJ “Entrepreneurs Seek Ways to Draw Out Workers Ideas”

How to Unleash Workers’ Ideas?

Not with Money

DECEMBER 21, 2009

Isaac reacts on the WSJ Small Business article Entrepreneurs Seek Ways to Draw Out Workers Ideas:

Involving everyone in a company’s success through their ideas and initiatives is a goal which is both vital and ever elusive. The temptation to take a shortcut by “bribing” employees is strong. But the results would not be lasting. There is no way to durably involve one’s employees without addressing their fundamental and unique human needs. It’s sad that many still believe that addressing basic material needs (that we share with animals) is what make us humans get up in the morning with a smile and energy, looking forward to a great day at work.
Douglas McGregor wrote about this in 1960. For dozens of contemporary companies and their leaders that succeeded to implement this type of organization by totally freeing their employees initiative see the media acclaimed book “Freedom, Inc.” — bien sûr.

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