Interview with Sea Smoke Cellars GM

Interview with Victor Gallegos

A Long Pour

August 26, 2010

Here is how Victor Gallegos, GM of Sea Smoke Cellars, a Freedom Inc prominently featured in our book, answers the first question he’s asked:

ALP: “So is there a philosophy behind Sea Smoke?”

VG: “Yeah. Nobody with a winemaker card at Sea Smoke has the authority to change the wine and that includes me. Bob and I don’t ever have a conversation where we discuss how much more profit we’re making next year. So what I have to do is show him what we are doing to raise the bar from a quality standpoint. That’s what he cares about and the rest follows…After harvest we sit down and say, ‘what did we learn, what can we do to improve?’ It’s a constant learning process. The wine industry is littered with the corpses of those who thought they got it right and stopped evolving.”

You can find out both his other answers and Sea Smoke’s description here

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