Freedom-at-work’s takeoff in Prague

Freedom mindset in Zappos, Mindvalley, etc.

We’re back from the last week’s event organized by Freedom, Inc’s Czech editor Peoplecomm.
It was a whole day happening full of presentations (one of which was ours), theatrical and musical performances, and videos on companies with outstanding cultures (more on it below). Food and drinks were available throughout the day. All that in a wonderful former Art Deco cinema hall with a revealing name of Vzlet, meaning Takeoff. So, how many people took off in this full-day event?

Four hundred.

This is, to our knowledge, the biggest audience that assisted an event on the topic of freedom in organizations. It was also amazing to see the type of people who assisted. Most young, extremely enthusiastic, some taking a day off for a takeoff (we couldn’t resist this one), others having left “big companies” and looking for a freer place, yet others forming an eco-system for building freedom at work: young coaches, organization and transformation consultants, and more.

Not all companies featured in the event were full-blown Freedom Incs. Yet, we agree with Peoplecomm’s president Tomáš Hajzler who suggested that many companies demonstrated something that can be called a freedom-at-work mindset. Such a mindset puts them definitely on the runway and makes the take-off to freedom easier.

To give a glimpse at the day’s contents here are two videos produced for this event :


About Isaac Getz

Isaac Getz is an author, conference speaker, senior advisor and currently holds the post of Professor at ESCP Business School.

2 thoughts on “Freedom-at-work’s takeoff in Prague”

  1. Professor Getz, thank you for writing an article about us. It was a great pleasure to meet you and get your book signed by you. According to lots of young people attending the event, freedom @ work as a concept will not be something people read in books about, but something they can experience in their lives. The whole event encouraged us to keep changing the world, because it’s not an effort of a few people, but the entire freedom @ work movement.

  2. Thanks Jan. It’s a great reward to read your enthusiastic words. I fully agree that freedom@work is not a theoretical concept but a proven roadmap. If more young people decide to join this adventure, the workplace will start to look way too differently than it looks today.

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