Listen to Vineet Nayar and visit HCL

HCL’s Vineet Nayar

Bloomberg UTV’s “The Date Pathbreakers”

“Nayar was appointed president of HCL Technologies in April 2005. He went on to reshape the organization with his ‘Employee First, Customer Second’ philosophy, which placed the needs of the employee before those of the customer,” writes Wiki. HCL became the 4th largest Indian IT company with more than $3 billion in sales and more than 80,000 employees.

Nayar has famously said that employees are not monkeys though most are treated like they were.

Nayar’s philosophy is quite similar to the Freedom Inc.’s one which is why we feature here a 20-something minutes programme with him on the HCL’s premises. For those who want to hear Nayar explaining his philosophy in an interview you’ll find it below in this post. Enjoy both.


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