Google and SAS: Are well treated employees happy?

Free organic food, massage, haircut, even concierge… and still leaving

We are hearing alarming news from Google. There seems to be a mass exodus and googlers are dropping like flies. And when they organize a leaving party they joke that there’s nobody they know there left anymore.

Why would that happen to a company that provides the longest list of perks in the corporate world with free organic food, massage, haircut, and you name it?

If you somehow missed what kind of perks are there, see how Oprah describes them:


Perhaps another recent Googlers’ joke will give you a hint:  “It would be nice to actually get the work done rather than recording it.”  Talk about bureaucracy…

How did Google get there? Indeed, Google’s inspiration for all the perks and royal treatment of employees was SAS, which Google’s top executives carefully benchmarked. To our latest knowledge, SAS still has the lowest trunover in North Carolina’s Research Triangle. Whether the royally treated emplyees are happy there is a different question. But it’s worth to see the Google’s model in this film on SAS:


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