New revised and augmented paperback edition

October 7, 2015
Freedom, Inc. paperback jacket cover  v1.2 PNG

As many of you have, perhaps, noticed the hardcover edition by Random House/Crown Business is out of print. A new revised and expanded paperback edition is ready and is now in production (shown its “cover-in-progress”). You can follow this blog to get the news about the release date of the […]

Amazon is out of the jungle

August 21, 2015

Amazon’s culture raised a serious debate recently. Following the piece in NYT (see the link below), it’s not so much the high-stress, often toxic culture itself that caused the surprise. “Up or out” and other Amazon’s practices are the bread and butter of cultures in most big consultancies and investment banks. The […]

Dutch edition of “Freedom, Inc.” came out

January 15, 2015
Dutch edition cover page

A Belgian publisher Die Keure took upon itself to put out a Dutch edition of “Freedom, Inc.” for the dutch-speakers of both Belgium and Holland. It will bring peace to Belgium since the country’s french-speakers enjoy both the hardcover and the paperback editions in French (which are steadily at the […]

US Navy captain David Marquet liberates his submarine and moves it from the US worst to first

December 14, 2013
US submarine

We have already wrote on this blog that military doesn’t have to mean command-and-control and that it started in the 19th century. Yet examples of military organizations with freedom- and responsibility-based environments are still rare. Marines and Special Forces are the closest to such environments. Now, David Marquet has shown that it can work […]

DCF Book Award for the 2013 best book in corporate strategy

November 16, 2013
DCF Prix du Livre

November 14, 2013 during the ceremony taking place in the French National Assembly, “Freedom, Inc.”‘s French edition “Liberté & Cie” won the best 2013 book award Prix du Livre DCF in the Corporate Strategy category. Most of the 10 runner-ups were French-only editions, along Daniel Pink’s latest book. Thanks for all the […]

Teaser of the 90′ minute film scheduled on ARTE chain on the Happiness at Work

October 12, 2013
Teaser - Le bonheur au travail

Here is a teaser of the 90′ minute film scheduled on ARTE chain on the Happiness at Work. The producers have already filmed a dozen of freedom incs and their leaders and employees. Their goal is to build a real community of fans of this happiness at work movement which is […]