Our WSJ Op-Ed on why Google’s culture is NOT a freedom-of-initiative one

September 7, 2013

Why Google’s 20% time was a perk and not a part of the freedom-of-initiaitve culture By BRIAN M. CARNEY  and ISAAC GETZ Recent reports indicate that Google has been effectively zeroing out employees’ “20% time”—the policy of letting Googlers spend a […]

A Knowledge Management Blog on Corporate Liberation

August 9, 2012

Liberate Your Company Through Employee Engagement By www.elsua.net   BLOG’S INTRO: This www.elsua.net post’s the author espouses the corporate liberation dear to us. He also makes a brief reference to our own work. It’s rewarding to see that Freeom Inc. […]

Warren Bennis on how leaders can be creative

July 2, 2011
Warren Bennis

Watch Bennis commenting on how to make one’s organization dancing Warren Bennis October 27, 2010 Here is a famous quote by Bennis: “There are two ways of being creative. One can sing and dance. Or one can create an environment […]

More Google: How it was supposed to innovate

June 6, 2011

Google’s Eric Schmidt admits Facebook failure We are hearing alarming news from Google every day now. It’s former CEO has admitted that he “screwed up” by failing to treat Facebook as a serious threat when he was in charge. That […]

Was Google a Freedom Inc?

May 25, 2011

What happened to Google’s management model We were always doubtful about Google’s claims to be a company based on freedom and responsibility of everyone. Because of this doubt we didn’t go to observe it (though we had solicitations). We were […]

Waiting for the Black Swan: Freedom vs. Incentives

April 29, 2010

How the discoverers and entrepreneurs succeed in freedom–not through planning Much is written and taught about the ways to become a successful entrepreneur, to discover the next great idea, and more prosaically, to innovate in the company. The latest entrepreneurship […]