Gore presentation

July 19, 2012
GORE logo

We have posted in the past the video of Gore’s CEO Terry Kelly. In her 45 minutes talk she is speaking of Gore’s products for a couple of minutes dedicating all the rest of her talk to Gore’s culture. This is normal, given the importance of culture in both the [...]

Courtesy not authority to guide people in London

July 15, 2012

Here is an interesting op-ed “A more inclusive fabric” by the New York Times editorialist Roger Cohen from March 11, 2012. It seems that courtesy and civility can guide people behavior not only in some companies (such as Freedom Incs.) but in this jungle called urban street. In preparation for the [...]

June 6, 2012

The Brains Behind Self-Management: Why We Are All Self-Managers By Paul J. Zak Synaptein’s Spring 2012 issue (published by Morning Star’s Self-management Institute) has an article by a Californian neuroscientist Paul Zak. Zak begins with Peter Drucker and provides a following quote from him: “Managers needed to cultivate a culture [...]

Deming, Total Quality, and the Fundamental Respect for People

May 26, 2012

Edward Deming is known as the father of the quality movement. TQM became a fixeture of many industrial and non-industrial companies. Yet, according to studies two thirds of companies consider that TQM hasn’t met their expectations. Is it TQM’s or Dr. Deming’s fault? Or did most of the companies miss [...]

Our article in Forbes on Bob Davids’ leadership philosophy

May 8, 2012
Bob Davids Jan12

 Bob Davids’ 30 Top Tips To Stop Being A “Smart Boss” By Isaac Getz May 6, 2012 We need smart people. Our universities are focused on producing just that. Those who come out on top are the smartest and hence succeed in business, law and politics. It would be easier [...]

Liberate your company! – Isaac Getz @TEDxESCP

April 22, 2012
Isaac the day with Boss I have a problem

Here is a talk Isaac gave at a recent TEDx event Paris. We hope you’ll enoy it.