Good leaders are tribal leaders

February 27, 2012

The power of tribal leadership 27 février 2012 In their Tribal Leadership, Logan, King and Fischer-Wright defend the idea that companies’ success breaks down to groups of twenty to 150 people within the company that all know each other. They call them tribes and further explore the tribal culture and […]

Isaac’s video clip for ESCP Europe

February 26, 2012
Youtube ESCP MBA

Isaac’s school have done recently this clip on the topic of Freedom, Inc.  

Liberté & Cie — the French edition of Freedom, Inc. is launched

February 26, 2012
Liberte & Cie

Freedom, Inc has finally reached the French It had to happen in September but the market for non-fiction has been depressed then. So, here comes the French edition in the very unusual for non-fiction February window. And yet, since its February 8 launch, the book has been already acclaimed my […]

Want to keep your people? Liberate them!

February 1, 2012
don't quit sign

People leave managers, not companies January 31, 2012 This is the result of a Wilson Learning research on staff retention, presented in an article on HC Online a couple of years ago. It holds true today since little has changed in most companies. As a consequence, the answer to higher staff […]

Top ten most hated jobs – not the ones you think

January 28, 2012

Nurses hate their job? Managers hate theirs more, and this is why. January 28, 2012 An article from FORBES caught our attention this weekend: a survey of hundreds of thousands of employees conducted in 2011 by CareerBliss determined The 10 Most Hated Jobs. Surprise, surprise– they’re not the ones you […]

Have a cause –

January 7, 2012
I could do that

If you don’t give a damn about anything, no one will give a damn about you November 30, 2011 FORBES’ has a funny section which uses “visuals to tell stories, jokes, and truths.” Recently the section published an illustrated list of 10 stupid-simple steps that help you “to be interesting.” […]