A School which liberated its teachers and–surprise–greatly outperformed its competition

December 20, 2011

Brooklyn’s The New American Academy December 20, 2011 On December 6, 2011, we have visited a school in a desolate Brooklyn neighborhood, The New American Academy. We do believe that there would be more Freedom Incs. if only our schools stopped churning out people who succeed through complacency and number […]

Freedom Inc. on NPR

December 11, 2011

Isaac’s interview on NPR NOVEMBER 5, 2011 Listen to the podcast here

Freedom-at-work’s takeoff in Prague

November 18, 2011
Vzlet audience

Freedom mindset in Zappos, Mindvalley, etc. We’re back from the last week’s event organized by Freedom, Inc’s Czech editor Peoplecomm. It was a whole day happening full of presentations (one of which was ours), theatrical and musical performances, and videos on companies with outstanding cultures (more on it below). Food […]

Freedom, Inc. in Sweden

October 30, 2011
Swedish edition big

Swedish edition The Swedish editor Bookhouse is at the vanguard of books on new ways of organizing and working. Our Freedom, Inc. appears there along the books by Jim Collins, Gary Hamel, Dan Pink, and Jonas Ridderstråle & Kjell Nordström. We’ve heard that freedom and egalitarian workplace fit very well with […]

Watch John Wooden, one of the world greatest servant leaders

August 20, 2011

We have already written on the liberating style of John Wooden, not only the 20th century greatest coach according to ESPN, but also one of the greatest servant leaders (see here). Here is John Wooden’s rare talk given in 2001 for TED where he explains his leadership principles.

Isaac’s article in “Leadership Excellence”

August 7, 2011

Leaders of the Free Culture by Isaac Getz AUGUST, 2011 Truman is said to have mused about Eisenhower taking over the president’s office, issuing orders only to discover that nothing gets done in the bureaucratic swamp. But this fine politician underestimated “Ike.” President Eisenhower realized the bureaucracy problem on day […]