Indulging employees is no substitute for engaging them



“Leaders will buy miserable employees latte machines for their offices, give them free lunch and sodas, or even worse — just let them all work at home, hailing an ‘enlightened’ policy of telecommuting. Hell, some of these practices might even earn your company a business magazine’s Great Place to Work award,” says Gallup Chairman and CEO Jim Clifton. “The problem is, employee engagement in America isn’t budging. Of the country’s roughly 100 million full-time employees, an alarming 70 million (70%) are either not engaged at work or are actively disengaged.”

Indeed, too often perks are confounded with the satisfaction of employees’ universal psychological needs of intrinsic equality, growth, and self-direction. It’s the road to both engagement and happiness as psychologists have shown. Lattes, massages, and other extrinsic perks is not that road.

Read the Gallup’s article here.

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