The True Cost of a Bad Boss and What to Do about It

Female & Boss pngBad managers’ plot ?


We wrote about the tremendous costs of stress to organizations. It’s also known that one of the key stressors for employees consists in conflictual relations with their manager. Below is a nice, less than 2 minutes video detailing all the damage it does to the companies.

The film ends by the invitation to “learn more about HR programs.” One comment on Youtube just below the video is blunt: “HR programs in most Fortune 500 are simply the strong arms of bad management.”

Indeed, in order to propose the cure one must establish the diagnosis. Companies are pouring millions into training their managers and undoubtedly, over the years, many improved, learning how to listen better, involve, trust. Yet, as the readers of “Freedom, Inc.” know there is so much a good manager can do within a hierarchical bureaucracy—a fertile ground for the bad managers and an arid ground for the good ones.

So watch the film meanwhile.


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One thought on “The True Cost of a Bad Boss and What to Do about It”

  1. Conflictual relation with a manager is the result of lack of communication and missuse of some priciple in leadership. Any time a manager loose this key , he will came out of the vision attach to his responsibility and stand for his ambition. For communication is the mother of every reationship.

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