Synaptein Newsletter reviews Freedom, Inc.

The Self-Management Institute newsletter’s review

Freedom, Inc., a collaboration between Brian M. Carney, a member of the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board and Isaac Getz, a professor at the top-ranked ESCP Europe Business School, makes a powerful case for building a company based upon freedom principles. Their book sums up their collective observations of a number of innovative leaders who’ve built successful businesses that seem to buck the time-honored traditions of command and control hierarchy.

Carney and Getz spent years searching out companies that have treated people contrary to the way management beliefs say employees are supposed to be treated. Freedom, Inc. is, in part, a profile of these companies and the leaders who built them. It tells the stories of dozens of companies from diverse industries like insurance, winemaking, motorcycle manufacturing, hydraulic equipment manufacturing, and even office cleaning. The authors dissect each story and put together a model for achieving incredible success.

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About Isaac Getz

Isaac Getz is an author, conference speaker, senior advisor and currently holds the post of Professor at ESCP Business School.

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